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Radio Poll: Which 2013 Prediction Was The Most Accurate?

Brandon from Atlanta: Ronda Rousey fights 3 times in the UFC and is a TUF Coach
Mike from Montana: Mike will seek out one pick from Jordan Breen for every events and make a small wager. Over the course of six months the trend will prove to be losing. Mike claims to have verified the results as 100% accurate.
Timmy from New York: Tatsuya Kawajiri will sign with The UFC
Reese from Minot: Shooto Bryan will no longer work for the Sherdog Radio Network by the end of the year.
Samuel from Virginia: 2013 will be the first year Urijah Faber will not have a title fight in a Zuffa owned organization
Chris from Sacramento: Nick Diaz fights GSP, loses a decision, complains about judging and says he doesn’t get paid enough for this and announce his semi-retirement. He will then return later in the year.
Total Votes : 510

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