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America, start your engines... and suspend your disbelief. (Robert Sickel)
"I blame the lame stream media for all these stoplights!" (Clusterf#@k)
"It's OK, Mrs. Palin...once I start this bad boy, the engine'll drown out all that laughter." (bloojax)
Focus groups show that scenes like this remind a lot of voters of Thelma and Louise. Especially the driving off a cliff part. (Not Adam Schramm)
Palin pondered the giant machine that, if she was in control of, she knew she couldn't handle. Then, her thoughts went from the American Presidential office to the large motorcycle she was sitting on. (Rico)
"It's amazing you betcha,but it only has two wheels,what keeps it from falling down?" (Flasunbum)
"I am not Michael Dukakis. I am not Michael Dukakis. I am not Michael Dukakis." (SatansLollipop)
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