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Red Man for Red States (Tom)
When the Lifeclock in Romney's palm began to blink red, he knew Lastday was here and he considered a different kind of running. (Rico)
"Oh no, my soul! You have my soul!!!" (GlassAgate)
Few people know that if you hold your cell phone at a certain angle it will relveal a presidential candidate's true nature. (Not Adam Schramm)
Suddenly the marionette got really nervous, and the puppet Romney froze mid-pander. (slgrimes)
"Aw c'mon, can't a guy go see 'The Book of Mormon' without you folks making a big controversy over it?" (Flasunbum)
In his attempts to appeal to every demographic in America, Romney goes after the John Boehner voter. (Not Adam Schramm)
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