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Trump clutches the sacred tube containing his soul that he recently bought back from the devil and is currently in negotiations to sell to the Koch brothers. (Not Adam Schramm )
"This is MY birth certificate. I carry it with me everywhere so that nobody can pull on me what I'm pulling on Barry." (Nat_a_nat)
"I wanna be president! I want it, I want it, Iwant it! And if you don't elect me I'll buy the rights to Yahtzee and won't let any of you play again!" (Flasunbum)
"I did not inhale! Wait... someone's already used that? He's fired!" (ToryTheTall)
Donald Trump demands Obama show his original birth certificate...notarized by 20 doctors...countersigned by every Hawaiian Governor since 1961... and King Kamehameha...and wrapped in the special Trunp Birth Certificate Holder or it can't be considered off
President Trump rehearses his first State of the Union address: "You're fired." (Paul)
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