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"...and I'd also like to thank Hugo Chavez, my mom and dad..wait, turn off that music... I'm not finished yet! " (Robb)
Incoming Speaker John Boehner stated that the first order of business of the new House would be to revamp the House Committee on Painfully Obvious Metaphors. (Not Adam Schramm)
"Nancy... Can you hear us? Nancy your time here is over... Find peace, go to the light, Nancy. Go to the light..." (Flasunbum)
"God, it hurts to smile." (dubro)
“No, I do not think these last elections were a mandate. If the country wanted to send a message to democrats they would give us a clear sign...” (Davison Cheney)
Republicans replace the "Applause" sign previously used in Pelosi's speeches. (WIDTAP)
"Next time less Botox so they know I'm sad about no longer being the Speaker of the House!" (Madeline Sheblessy)
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