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"I think, therefore I leak." (Nemesis)
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you freak out." (Diogenes)
Introducing: Wikileaks, After Hours©. Only the naughty bits. If it's classified AND redacted it belongs on…Wikileaks, After Hours© (Eliot C. Hall)
"This week we're gonna leak the size of my manhood. The ramifications should be ENORMOUS and FAR-REACHING. Aw yeah." (Vendetta!)
He's climbin up yo window, he's snatchin yo secrets up- tryin to leak'em so you'd better hide yo diplomatic communiques, hide yo civilian killins, and hide yo Swedish womens cuz he's leakin on every'un up in here. (Robert Sickel)
"Deal with it." (Andrew C.)
"Now, if you'll excuse me... [puts on shades] I have go take a leak." YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Paul)
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