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"Wow! Who knew the Ethics Committee was a real thing." (Donna)
"Damn, I wish they would hurry this up, It's costing me a fortune. That hooker I hired is charging me by the hour." (Flasunbum)
"Oh, what a shame! The entire world is watching, and I still have not thought of a way to charge them." (Christos Georgiadis)
"I'm going to have to switch from $20 to $5 bills to wipe my ass with... ::sob::" (JL)
"If I can't see them, then they can't see me, then all this ethics talk will go away." (Michael Dunton)
"Oh, God. I hope that reprimand isn't harshly worded!" (Yostibh)
"The representative may count to 100 if he would like, but we are not going to hide." (JCasey)
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