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Which Training Seminars Would You be Most Interested in Attending? (List 3)

Fundraising ideas
Growing membership
Starting local constitutional education classes
Focus on youth outreach and starting tea party groups at high schools and colleges.
Starting Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT's).
Candidate training sessions to prepare the next generation of candidates who will represent The People.
Building a team of dedicated resources to prepare for 2012 election.
Grassroots independent press and media: sources, methods, technology, legal status, coordination; how to get press credentials.
Step-by-step how to make use of FOIA,
Engaging African-American community (K. Carl Smith, with www.conservativemessenger.org or Apostle Claver with www.ragingelephants.org)
Deciphering government budgets.
Walk & call scripts. WHERE to Walk, and WHO to call is important, especially in areas that are heavily liberal.
How to determine ideology of non-Primary voters.
How to get out the conservative vote
How to grow large, active teams to get out the conservative vote.
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