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Which Training Seminars Would You Be Most Interested in Attending? (List 2)

Email Listservs, Discussion Groups and Online Forums
Email Marketing Tools
Engaging Blogs, Talk Radio and other New Media
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Direct Mail But Were Afraid to Ask
Fundraising 101
Identifying and Motivating your Key Households
Identifying and Tracking your Key Precincts
Negotiating State and Federal Campaign Finance Law
Online Polling
Phone Banking and Autodialer Campaigns
Preparing and Filing Freedom of Information Act Requests
Preparing and Publishing Voter Guides
Running a Political Rally
Running a Table / Exhibit Booth
Running an Effective Get-Out-The-Vote Operation
Running an Enlightening Candidate Forum
Setting Up a Legal Entity
True the Vote : Cleaning up your Local Voter Rolls
Speaking with the press and other media
Social media
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