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Which Training Seminars Would You Be Most Intersted In Attending? (List 1)

The Road to the Primaries : Processes, key dates, and how to make an impact (starting now)
Polite, but firm : dealing with the willful legislator
Using watchdog group data to watch your Rep like a hawk
Proper use of positive and negative reinforcement to improve legislator behavior
How the Texas State Legislature Works
Making sense of legislative committees
How to keep track of your favorite--and least favorite--bills
How to propose legislation
Banking Accounts and Online Transactions
Blogging and Online Reporting
Building Unstoppable Grassroots Coalitions
Canvassing Your Neighborhoods
Web Hosting and Domain Names
Effective Outreach to African Americans
Effective Outreach to Religious Organizations and Social Conservatives
Effective Outreach to Democrats and Center-Left Independents
Effective Outreach to Hispanic Americans
Effective Outreach to Youth
Effective Use of Facebook, Ning and Other Social Networking Tools
Effective Use of Viral Video
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