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Interview Of The Year

Rick Topping (WMS 304)
Michael Facade (WMS 305)
Brandon Oliver and Alyssa Flash (WMS 307) (On Location)
G-Raver (WMS 309) (On Location)
Jimmy Demarco and Chest Flexor (WMS 310)
Death From Above Interviews (Bingo O'Malley, Gerald Rumberg, Kurt Angle) (WMS 311-313) (On Location)
Justin Bissonnette (WMS 312)
Ryan Edmonds (WMS 320)
Rachel Summerlyn (WMS 321)
Justin Plummer (WMS 322 and 331)
Gary Jay (WMS 324)
Matt Justice (WMS 325)
Logan Shulo (WMS 328)
G-Raver and Scott Sarin (WMS 329) (On Location)
Steve McGranahan “Worlds Strongest Redneck” (WMS 330)
Joe Dombrowski (WMS 333)
Dalton Castle (WMS 334)
Jock Samson (WMS 336)
Max Zaleski of Wrestling With Subtitles (WMS 339)
Logan Shulo and Michael Facade (WMS 349)
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