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You’re at the Application Assistance station. In Part 9 of the N-400 Form, it asks for information about children. The participant you’re helping has 3 children. His 1st child is age 31, born out of wedlock and lives abroad. The applicant never married the mom. The 2nd child is a 25 yr old step-child with his 1st wife. The 3rd child is a 16 yr old LPR who was born in wedlock to the applicant’s 2nd wife and lives with both parents here in the U.S.

Which children do you include in Part 9?

All three children.
Only the child who is the lawful permanent resident in the United States.
Only the two children through his marriages.
Only the two children for whom he is the biological father because you do not need to list stepchildren or adopted children.
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