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Check the top 3 GDC talks you are interested in seeing. (please only 3, this polling site does not let me limit the amount of votes)

"ONE FALLS FOR EACH OF US: The Prototyping of Tragedy"
"1-Hour Video Game MBA"
"AI Unplugged: How Experienced Devs Think Through AI"
"The Failure Workshop"
"GDC Microtalks 2011"
"Team Meat Presents: SUPER MEAT BOY, A Team Meat Meatmortem"
"Design in Detail: Tuning the Muzzle Velocity of the Plasm..."
"Classic Game Postmortem - MANIAC MANSION"
"Classic Game Postmortem - DOOM"
"Classic Game Postmortem - OUT OF THIS WORLD/ANOTHER WORLD"
Total Votes : 97
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