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What is the Greatest Modern Sports Marketing Innovation?

1960- Mark McCormack shakes hands with Arnold Palmer to become his agent
1964 - Cassius Clay changes his name to Mohammad Ali and subsequently creates the first sports brand that transcended sport
1967 - the first Super Bowl is played
1976 - Kettering Town become the first British football club to have a sponsor name on their shirt
1977 - Kerry Packer creates the World Series of Cricket
1978 - Horst Dassler and Patrick Nally create the first FIFA sponsorship package
1978 - Bernie Ecclestone becomes the Chief Executive of the Formula One Constructors Association (FOCA)
1979 - The inclusion of European (rather than just British) players in the Ryder Cup
1979 - ESPN launches and becomes the first dedicated sports channel
1981 - the first PPV boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns is screened
1984 - Nike creates the first global brand named after an athlete - Air Jordan
1985 - Michael Payne restructures the IOC marketing programme and creates TOPS
1991 - the Red Bull series of extreme events is created
1992 - the English Premier League is formed
1992 - the UEFA Champions League is restructured
1995 - the first Extreme Games (later changed to the X Games) is staged
1999 - Betfair is founded and changes the face of sports betting
2003 - the ECB introduce Twenty20 cricket
2005 - Ronaldinho's Nike 'crossbar' viral heralds the advent of content created specifically for the online space
2008 - the Indian Premier League (IPL) is created
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