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Round:1 - Pick Your Favorite Name for the Fundraiser:

Rosapalooza – Brett Shepherd
Barn-Aid – Brett Shepherd
Get Yer Ya Ya's Out – Brett Shepherd
The "Kick Down to Get Down" – Jeana Hancock
Folklore Festival Funshine - Judi Maitland Woods
Moonlight Music Madness - Judi Maitland Woods
Roseberry Centurian - Anissa Rooney
Roseberry Winter "Fun"draiser Fest - Judi Maitland Woods
2011 Music Heaven - Judi Maitland Woods
Roseberry's Winter Inter-lude - Andrea Parnett
Roseberry or Bust! – Skyler Nokes
Roseberry's Rockin' Reunion - Rae Thomas Boren
Winter Festivus & Fundraiser - Rae Thomas Boren
Winterlude in Roseberry - Rae Thomas Boren
Roseberry's Wintermountain Fundraiser - Rae Thomas Boren
Mountain Winterlude - Michele Jones - Hart
Frostline Mountain Boogie - Michele Jones - Hart
Winter Boogie Frostfest ( or Snowfest) - Michele Jones - Hart
Frosty Fling - Michele Jones – Hart
Talvi Festivaali - Ryan Richmond (Finnish for "winter festival")
Total Votes : 183

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