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RPR Top 20

Anal Cunt - Crankin' My Bands Demo on a Box at the Beach
Arson Anthem - Teach The Gun (To Love The Bullet)
Baby Shakes - My Baby Shakes
Before Dishonor - Digging My Own Grave
DEVIL DOLLS - Dead By The Authority
Fist Of The North Star - Sic Semper Tyranis
Hollywood Sinners - Behind Your Pretty Face
Moutpiece - Gary
OFF! - Upside Down
Penetration Moon - Sluts in the City
Satan's Rats - You Make Me Sick
Sivle Si Dog - Wedding Song
The Creepshow - Get What's Coming
The Dreadnoughts - Polka Never Dies
The Gods Of Macho - Macho
The Ills - Joe is Dead
The Regals - Radio
Tight Fitting Pants - (Let Me Unload My Balls) On Your Braces
World War IX - Hate Mail From Friends
Youth of Togay - Tough Gays

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