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Regarding mid-term exams, I honestly believe:

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I love movies. As a matter of fact, I would be more amenable to mid-term and final exams if we could watch movies on our iPizzles while we take them.
I am one of the greatest standardized test takers... one of those people who never studies but still does well, so, like, yeah, I don't care.
I am a miserable test taker. I study and still don't do well. I wish we could just dump this whole business of big exams and my grade could be all take home projects. Remember that stick figure project I did in second grade...
If you are forcing me to be honest... the truth is that I know I will have to do this in college and so, while I would rather not, taking them is good practice and conditioning.
I am an academic athlete. I condition myself throughout the year for these bad boys. I already have thirty page review packets for each class and have written all the review material for each class in the form of an epic poem so that I can remember it.
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